Mortgage Signing Services

Transform your signing service experience today.

Built by a former senior executive of a Top 5 Lender and national title agent, The Closing Exchange was designed to be a business partner…not just another vendor.

Why partner with The Closing Exchange?

The Closing Exchange was founded based upon the experience and passion of senior executives and industry veterans who knew after years in the industry that there had to be a better signing experience. Our experience across multiple industries and at various parts of the value chain allow us to understand your business and your unique needs.

As a business partner, we work with our clients to establish a workflow and service level agreements which address compliance and security, while delivering a high-quality service and improved customer experience. We can dive into the specifics of your business needs because our team has experience as loan originators, loan processors, closing agents and in vendor management.

When you partner with The Closing Exchange, you can expect:

Service you can rely on
You need a partner you can depend on. That’s why at The Closing Exchange we have unmatched quality and coverage. We have a heightened focus on security and compliance. In fact, we were the first service provider to receive the American Land Title Association (ALTA) Best Practices Certification.

Quality Matters
The Closing Exchange network is an extension of your business. We invest in training, developing and testing our signing agents to make sure they’re familiar with industry- and customer-specific requirements. We place quality over quantity, and our due diligence and vetting processes stand up to that of the largest lending institutions.

Vetted and verified network
When you work with The Closing Exchange, you know that your signing agent has been vetted, background checks have been performed, and licensing is in good standing. And, we provide our clients with notary performance scorecards to ensure that our performance meets and exceeds your expectations and our standards.

You can depend on us
We make sure that we pay attention to the details, and we pride ourselves on our enhanced communication and confirmation process. We diligently contact and confirm not only the time and place, but also the specifics of your transaction with your signing agent to ensure your signings are handled with the utmost of care and to your specific needs and service expectations.

Technology enables our service
Technology is at our core and fuels the services we offer you and your clients. The Closing Exchange platform enables user-friendly order placement and tracking, as well as communication and status updates via our website email and integrations to production systems.

Getting it right, no matter what
The Closing Exchange has built a culture of getting it right, no matter what. It is engrained in our management team, staff and network to make sure that we are doing the right thing, the signing is handled properly, and that our work is the best it can be. If something goes wrong, we fix it, so you don’t have to.

Looking for a better experience for your closings? The Closing Exchange is your signing services mortgage partner. Contact us today at 888.432.4321 or

Title & Settlement
Offering a compliant signing service solution

When you work with The Closing Exchange, title agents can enhance their settlement and closing processes with configurable, efficient, and customer-friendly workflows. Our team of trained and tested signing agents deliver full and hybrid closings with enhanced communications and status updates – making your customer experience the highlight of the closing.

Our national footprint of network of trained notaries and attorneys are available to you where you need them, when you need them
We focus on security and compliance – as the first signing services provider to receive the American Land Title Association (ALTA) Best Practices Certification for signing services
We help to reduce your costs by managing the notary training and vetting process
We help expand your relationship with your lenders leveraging our signing service and capabilities

Mortgage Lending
We offer your clients convenience and exceptional signing services

Our processes are inherent of the lending processes – built for lenders by people who understand your business requirements. Our network of vetted and approved signing agents understand the intricacies of mortgage transactions – whether purchase, refi, home equity or a reverse mortgage.

You can rest easy as we offer enhanced education and training to get your notary panel prepared.
We focus on quality offering performance scoring to ensure the best service possible for your borrower.
Communication is embedded in our processes at every step of the transaction so you, your notary and borrower are never left in the dark.
We can help you scale your business by offering you the ability to augment your staff with trained and certified staff

Consultative approach
focused on your needs
Experienced Leadership and expertise
in financial services
Flexible technology solution