Modern signing services
for today and tomorrow.

The all-in-one signing solution that simplifies your vendor management
complexities, so you can focus on your business.

Manage vendors dynamically to create experiences
that exceed expectations.

Dynamic And Efficient Workflows

As a business partner, not just a vendor, we can dive into the specifics because we too have been responsible for loan originations, loan processing, settlement and closings, and vendor management.

Recruit And Vet For Success

Signing agent documentation and background checks are reviewed and approved prior to activating them. Performance Scores updated after every signing based upon turn times, quality and fees.

Advanced Training

We invest in training and testing of our signing agent partners to ensure theyíre familiar with industry- and customer-specific requirements.

How it works

Most signing companies offer services that fit in one specific box, providing the same product over and over to all their clients. But what happens when your company grows, and your needs no longer fit in that box? Who handles the rest?

Thatís where we step in.

As a dynamic partner we work with you wherever your company is at in its growth, to offer customizable services tailored to your business needs today and tomorrow. With The Closing Exchange, our partnership goes far beyond the four corners of a contract. We work hard, all the time, so you donít have to.

Are you ready for a vendor that does it all?

We learn about your
Tailor workflows to
your needs
Place orders
Manage signings
Signing feedback
and scoring

Order Management made simple, efficient and secure.

Simple Intuitive Interface

Easily place orders, upload documents and monitor progress in real time - while guiding customers each step of the way - for secure, end-to-end, delivery.

Seamless Assignment And Communication

Vendors are quickly assigned according to customer's unique needs, with notification updates and pre-closing calls for full transparency.

Ensure Quality

You can depend on The Closing Exchange's unmatched quality, coverage and security. We were the first service provider to receive the American Land Title Association (ALTA) Best Practices Certification.

Secure and Encryted to Achieve
Regulatory Compliance Standards.

Manage vendors dynamically to create experiences
that exceed expectations.

Highly flexible technology to
evolve with your growth

Easy And Rapid To Deploy

Technology is at our core and fuels the services we offer you and your clients. The Closing Exchange platform enables user-friendly order placement, tracking, communication and status updates.

Flexible Architecture

Our service model is configurable to your workflow, delivering customized vendor selection, call scripting, training & testing through our platform.

Powerful Integration

We offer direct integration and seamless connectivity to the leading title production applications.

Ready To Connect?

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